A “Life After Normal” Year in Pictures

Happy New Year! As part of my effort to lead a more balanced life and to re-engage my creative side, I am going to embark on a photographic journey, of sorts. I am committing myself to the “365 Project“: a picture a day for an entire year. While I won’t be blogging each and every photo (as I think that would be annoying), you can see each day’s image by clicking the “Photos” button at the top of this page, on my Flickr page or through my own personal 365 Project page. I will also Tweet each one – you can follow me at @lifeafternormal. While I am guessing I will capture most photos on my iPhone, hopefully I will take my old Nikon D70 DSLR out a bit more often. We’ll see where this goes!

As for Jan. 1: I figured at least my lunch would be healthy. Delish lentil soup with kale, sweet potato, cilantro, carrots.

Yummy! Let my year in pictures begin!

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