A Pop of Color


Today’s Photography 101 assignment is “A Pop of Color”. For this, I once again dig into my photo archives. This photo is from July 2014, taken in Washington, D.C. at the United States Botanical Gardens.

photo101, flowers, color

Flowers at the U.S. Botanical Gardens #photo101 #color

I actually took quite a few photos that day, alternating between my regular zoom lens and a macro lens. I realize most of my photographs are with a very shallow depth of field and I probably should experiment a bit more, I like making the focus of my picture really pop.

Here is a gallery of some other photographs from the Botanical Gardens.

A Pop of Color

Photographs from the U.S. Botanical Garden, July 2014.



So yeah yeah yeah, I’m a few days behind on the Photo101 challenge and am totally out of synch with the topics. What can I say, I’m a creative type. Orderly fashion is for boring people.

Anyway, back to the photography topics I am trudging my way through. The theme: Big. The photo: The Air Force Memorial in Arlington, Va. Today was actually the first time I’ve been there, even though I drive by the memorial regularly. I was hoping to capture the size of the structures, which was quite difficult with my lens and the area, I simply couldn’t find a good place to put myself that would help me illustrate the magnitude of the memorial. Laying on my back and shooting up didn’t really do much for me either. So, here is my attempt to communicate “big”. At first I was annoyed with the guy checking his phone but now I’m glad he was there, I think it’s a nice comparison of size.

Big, photo101

The Air Force Memorial. My representation of Big. #photo101