So I decided to take a chance and sign up for WordPress’s “Photo 101” challenge — basically, to post a picture a day that aligns to a theme that is assigned daily. Hopefully it gets me back to writing a bit more and also helps me devote some time to my photography. We’ll see how it goes (knowing me, this challenge probably means I will post 14 pictures with 14 themes in a single day). I’m hoping to actually make a proper go out of it (no iPhone photos), but I know that’s ambitious. Still, I have to start somewhere, so here I go!

As I referenced in my last post, in December I was diagnosed with a tear of my shoulder labrum. As a result, I could no longer teach flying trapeze, train as a flying trapeze artist or practice yoga. The medical recommendation? Surgery.

Obviously, surgery and the six month (minimum) recovery period is not an option, so I took a chance on a different kind of treatment that I will write more about later. Long story short, today was the first day that I was medically cleared and able to fly again. Obviously, that would mean taking it easy and not being too ambitious, but still. Today, I swung from a trapeze bar for the first time in almost three months. And it was fabulous.

The fact that today’s theme is “Home” is quite appropriate. Going back to the trapeze school where I train, teach, socialize, have an amazing community of friends, colleagues and students, help people overcome major fears and challenges was like going home.

I can’t wait to do it again. Trapeze school: see you Wednesday. Photo challenge: see you tomorrow.

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  1. Laura,
    Reading this is a reminder of why I love to fly. I constantly have to remind myself that 1) life is different for me here which means flying holds a different role and 2) I can’t replace in 3 months what took years to build in DC. Love, love, love the first picture

  2. That is really great news! I am anxiously awaiting the treatment plan that allowed you to go back to flying!!

  3. Home really is the perfect theme as looking at your pictures 100% makes me homesick. The rig is where I made friends, overcame a lot of social anxiety and found somewhere that I felt welcome and accepted. I miss it more then I can say and am so glad that your back in the air!!

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