Brain Tumors = Bad. Money for Research = Good!

I am a chump. In the chaos of life that has overwhelmed me (yeah I know, what else is new?), I am woefully behind asking everyone to give me my birthday present! Yes, my birthday is July 23 (that’s in six days if you’re counting), and yes, once again all I am asking for is your donation to team “BABES WITH BRAINS“. Please help me raise money for brain tumor research!


This year marks the 13th Annual Race for Research, a fundraising event organized by the Southeastern Brain Tumor Foundation. Over the past decade, the SBTF has become a well-established fundraising entity, raising over $1.5 million to support critical, cutting edge brain tumor research at major medical centers in the Southeast. All proceeds raised from the annual Race for Research directly fund critical brain and spinal tumor research at major medical research centers throughout the southeast.

The 2011 team “Babes with Brains,” celebrating post-race!

This organization and cause are especially important to me, as my dear friend Grey Matter Life, also known as the amazing Jennifer, is living her life with a brain tumor. I have become all too aware how many people I know have had things happen in their lives that shift things so completely that they too find themselves living a “Life After Normal“. Those making their way through their post-brain tumor diagnosis are no exception.

You can learn more about Jennifer and her life with a brain tumor at her blog, as well as revisiting my post from last year’s race, “Birthday Wishes: Money for Brain Tumor Research“.

Any support you can offer is so very appreciated — and truly does make a difference. Thank you in advance for your generosity and help!

Again, please donate today!

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