Birthday Wishes — Money for Brain Tumor Research

It’s July, and you know what that means – it’s my birthday!! (yes, the entire month is my birthday). Once again I am begging for LOTS of birthday gifts – in the form of donations to team “Babes With Brains” in the 12th Annual Southeastern Brain Tumor Foundation Race for Research! Please help me support my dear friend Jennifer: a brain tumor patient and advocate, wife, mother of two boys and (as of August) a girl, and overall just a kick-ass broad. (talk about someone who knows what it’s like to lead a “Life After Normal …!!).

On Saturday, July 23 (my “real” birth-DAY! Whoop whoop!) I will be in Atlanta running (or walking, depending on how much wine I drink the night before) to raise money for brain tumor research. I am honored to participate in this event for the second year in a row in support of Jennifer’s and her family’s journey.

Three “Babes With Brains”, following the 2010 Race for Research. (L-R: me, Jennifer, and Kristen)

I am not the only person who thinks Jennifer is amazing – soon, you too will be able to learn more about her life with a brain tumor first hand, on CNN’s “Human Factor” series, which covers people who have achieved extraordinary things despite having to overcome major obstacles (um, duh. Didn’t I mention she’s amazing??). As Jennifer so eloquently puts it: “CNN and Sanjay Gupta are covering my journey with my brain tumor, how we faced my diagnosis, how the experience has reshaped and redefined our lives, how we’ve settled into our new normal and have decided to forge ahead embracing stability and are now preparing to welcome a third child to our family. It’s a story that has captured their attention, yet we tend to not think of it as a story but more simply, our life.”

So, CNN is covering Jennifer, the race, and maybe even the after-party at her house – so if I’m lucky I may get to be on TV too!! (And, Jennifer will name her new daughter “Laura Elizabeth”! … sigh … a girl can dream.) The piece is scheduled to air the first week in August.

To learn more about Jennifer and what it is like to live a “normal life” as a mother, wife, domestic goddess and otherwise all around babe with a brain tumor, I urge you to visit her blog; as well as her post on team Babes with Brains.

Thank you all for your support. To donate, please visit my Personal Page or the Babes With Brains Team Page. Our team goal is to raise $10,000 – thank you for helping us make it happen!


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