Ridiculously Busy Pose: officechairasana

Here we are, mid-March and I have yet to post this month. Once again I am amazed at how quickly time passes with so much to keep me busy; I hope I can manage to find time to stop and smell the roses in this gorgeous mid-70s/no humidity spring weather. (For those familiar with the D.C. climate, this is something that lasts about two days before the overwhelming heat and humidity kicks in and remains until October.).

I know I shouldn’t complain, as much of what is keeping me busy are activities I voluntarily signed up for. Specifically, my Yoga Teacher Training.  I am more than halfway through my 200 hour Yoga Alliance certification process and am loving every minute. That said, I devote the entirety of my weekends and many hours during my week to practice, reading, teaching and classwork. It is overwhelming but I have about a month to go and I’ll be done!

For those familiar with yoga and the sanskrit words for poses, the word “asana” translates to “pose”. Therefore, every pose ends with the word “asana”: balasana (child’s pose), utkatasana (chair pose), paschimottanasana (seated forward bend), etc. As my own personal ridiculously busy pose (officechairasana) has left a bit to be desired, I decided to upgrade. A full review and details to follow!

My new office chair! Yes, it's a bike! And a desk! Brilliant!

Beyond yoga (oh, and my regular job too), I am still flying through the air with the greatest of ease in my flying trapeze classes. I decided to take the dreaded fitness test (pull ups and everything) next week. Gulp. In the meantime, I reached a major personal flying trapeze milestone this week: I caught the return bar for the very first (and second) time! FINALLY!!! Here for your viewing enjoyment are the magical moments captured on film.

Until next time, enjoy your weekends!

Namaste! 😉

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  1. Lotte just made me watch those videos 900 times in a row. Totally badass, lady. 🙂

    LJ’s message to you: “Please don’t go outside and fall on the floor. And don’t do anything about it. Don’t fall down in your class. Don’t recycle. (?!?) Keep swinging high and grabbing on to something.”

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