Thank You for Being a Friend

Wow. Just, wow. I never anticipated the reaction to yesterday’s post – so many phone calls, text messages, emails etc. Thank you for the reminder that you, my friends and even people whom I have never met, are there for me.

I know I am not one to reach out and ask for help, which in some ways is why I write Life After Normal. It is very therapeutic for me – and no, it is not a “cry for help”. Really, I promise. Although I put everything (and then some) out there to the point of personal embarrassment due to over-sharing, sometimes that is exactly what I need to do, for me. It is as if, by pressing the “Publish” button, I can acknowledge whatever it is that is going on with me and in my life, accept it, make a decision to change, and begin to move on.

So after I hit “Publish” yesterday, I began to move on. No, I’m not out of my funk, but no one else is going to get me out of it but me. So I decided, as much I was able, to have a bit of fun (much easier to do when it’s a gorgeous 65-degree day!).

  • I dug out my old digital SLR camera and harassed the cats with some super close-up macro photography of their cute noses. They were annoyed but I thought it was hilarious.
  • I filled a last-minute opening in a flying trapeze class, and decided to put on a ridiculous outfit (in normal person terms … anything goes, really, at the trapeze rig!) that no one my age should be wearing and actually do my makeup. I wore an “I Love Pigs” t-shirt, yoga shorts, fishnets, bright knee socks and sparkly eye shadow. After the class I jumped around on the trampoline for a while as one of the instructors threw balls at me (you know, to help my “aerial awareness”). Much more fun than it sounds!
  • Once I came home I totally dorked out with some self-portraits. You’re welcome.
Macro PixieMacro DashSparklesRidiculous OutfitJumping for Joy

Making the Most of My Day, a set on Flickr.

I know that I am ridiculously fortunate that you are all in my life and that you let me vent in the only way I know how. XOXO

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  1. I am just getting caught up with your blog, having been MIA the last week or so and was so happy to see this post after yesterdays! YAY. Love the photos. 😉

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