Mom Jeans and the Single Girl

This past weekend, one of my best girlfriends was celebrating her birthday. An evening out on the town for dinner and drinks was planned, which of course meant that my typical outfit of yoga pants and a t-shirt would not be acceptable. I ventured into my closet on Saturday evening, looked around … and felt the familiar squeeze of a panic attack coming on. Why? I was standing in the closet of a boring, middle-aged married woman.

I AM NOT A BORING MIDDLE-AGED MARRIED WOMAN (in case you were wondering). But apparently I dress like one. Help!

Given the amount of time that has passed since my separation and a million other circumstances with my husband that I may get into at another time, I have finally embraced the fact that I am really and truly a single woman. God help me – the last time I could say this I was 28 years old. Being single means, I will soon be dating again. (hopefully, anyway). As I reached for the Xanax (panic attack full-on now), I realized that not only do I have no idea what I would ever wear on a first date … it’s not like I have date-appropriate clothes anyway. I mean really, would I bring out my finest lululemon? (not until the second date, or so I hear).

I have absolutely zero desire to try to look younger by dressing like a 23-year-old. There is nothing more tragic than a woman who is no longer in her 20s dressing like it’s her 21st birthday. Regardless of how hot her body may be, it just looks sad and pathetic (see: Mariah Carey, any of the “Real Housewives”). And really, I have no problem being over 30. I am not trying to look younger through my wardrobe selections (dermatological visits are another story!), but I want to look good. Fun. Confident. Fashionable without being trendy. But looking around my closet at my current clothes selection, I had to ask myself if I am unknowingly making myself look older (and less good/fun/confident/fashionable) by what I wear? Am I dressing like a schlub? What happened to fun me?? When did I get to be this age???????

The sad thing is, I know that this wardrobe deterioration didn’t happen overnight. It must have been a slow progression. Don’t get me wrong, I do not own any “mom jeans”, but is today’s skinny or boot cut tomorrow’s old lady trousers? And will I even know or notice if this happens???

What does one wear to reflect her late 30s / newly single / lifestyle reinvention / bad-ass super-goddess personality?  (yes, I am referring to me here).



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