My So-Called Life

Three weeks. Three!! That’s a lifetime between posts. You can stop your worrying, I am fine. I am no more (or less) frazzled, overwhelmed, stressed out, panicked or pharmaceutically modified than usual. But holy shit, what is going on with me???

Lately I have been ridiculously run down. Although it took me awhile to figure out why, the reasons are pretty obvious. I have been overextending myself, not sleeping, not eating well (yes this is possible even for a vegan), trying to do a million things. Too involved with relationships I shouldn’t be, and not involved enough in those I should. Working on 47 projects simultaneously (both personal and professional), and as a result making zero progress on anything. The number of emails, phone calls and text messages I need to return is embarrassing (sorry, friends. I know I suck.).

The thing that is most frustrating to me (sorry, I am venting / whining here) is that I’m in my mid-30s now. Why haven’t I figured this out yet? Where is my sense of balance? It’s not as though I have any expectation that I will ever have everything crossed off of my to-do list or feel content and accomplished, but why am I still staggering through my life with the same complaints, challenges and frustrations that I have been dealing with for 20 years?


All right, I got that off of my chest. We now return to your regularly scheduled Life After Normal. (I hope!!).

Oh, and one more thing. You’re welcome.

I still love you, Jordan Catalano.

Life After Normal

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