Typical Getaway (except for the nudity)

I just returned from Atlanta after an amazing visit with friends and a wonderful Race for Research. Of course as to be expected, getting there didn’t quite go as planned.

How I planned my week, pre-departure:

  • Be ridiculously productive at work
  • Complete all work prior to Friday’s departure in order to enjoy a weekend with friends — and without professional obligations
  • On Friday, wake up early, well rested and refreshed!
  • Pack
  • Run some errands
  • Arrive at the airport with plenty of time to relax and enjoy lunch before boarding my 2 p.m. flight
  • Arrive in Atlanta looking rested and relaxed, hair done and makeup on

How my week actually went:

  • How can I be so ridiculously work-busy while also being so ridiculously work-unproductive?
  • Panic
  • Panic
  • Really, did I need to stay out so late tonight?
  • Really, did I need to stay out so late tonight (again)?
  • Really, did I need to stay out so late tonight (again) (again)?
  • Panic
  • Panic
  • HOLY SHIT I overslept big time. While I was glad for the 9 a.m. wake-up call from our bi-weekly cleaning crew as they walked into the apartment, I am guessing that they really didn’t want to see me leap out of bed, naked, and run around (naked) in confusion before finding my (naked) way to my bathroom.
  • Is it bad that my suitcase is in the storage unit … empty …?
  • I recognize the irony in the fact that I am on the verge of an anxiety attack as I run to the pharmacy to refill my prescription for anti-anxiety meds before I head to the airport
  • Really, Daily Lot parking is full? No, I will not be parking on the roof with a heat index of 110+ degrees. (drive in circles … circles … circles … circles …)
  • Short security line, hooray! At the gate as they begin to board the airplane.
  • WiFi on the plane!
  • Wow, this heat and humidity, plus the fact that I didn’t have time to do a thing with my hair outside of the shampoo? = NOT A GOOD LOOK.
  • Makeup free, pale, stressed, PMS-blotchy skin? = NOT A GOOD LOOK.
  • Work promised to clients by the “end of week” really means Monday morning, right???

Luckily, the weekend (and my birthday!) was great and the trip back home was easy and uneventful. Now back to the grind!

(And yes, the cleaners are going to receive a VERY LARGE holiday tip this year.)

Team Babes with Brains - 2011. Thanks to everyone for your support and donations!


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