Coming to Terms: a New Relationship Status

There is a new reason why I am living a “Life After Normal.” My husband and I are separated.

It is no one’s fault, no one did anything wrong. As cliché as it sounds, we grew apart and now find ourselves wanting other things and having different priorities. I am sad, obviously. I hope that we can stay friends, as he is someone whom I love and care for very much.

I am not yet sure how much I will share about this situation in future posts — as you know, I don’t really hold back when I am writing. But when someone else is so intimately involved in the situation and whose feelings could potentially be hurt, I want to be respectful of what he is going through. (To that end, I showed him this post to make sure he was all right with it before I shared it with the world.)

So here I am, starting over (again) at age 36.

The journey — my Life After Normal — continues.

Life After Normal

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  2. I think it’s very kind and decent of you to make a point of sharing the post with your husband. I also think that so long as you’re inclined to be honest and fair, you own your stories. Where that means laying bare someone else’s confidences, that’s shakier ground – but when it means writing out your own perspective on life and public events, you have that right. As does everyone else, of course, which is where the Golden Rule comes into play – or should.

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