Lazy Saturday

I stayed in bed until nearly noon yesterday. Noon! What am I, 19 again?

It was awesome.

Although I was basically awake for hours, thanks to the construction crew that WON’T EVER TAKE A FREAKING DAY OFF hammering about 20 yards away, there was something so nice about just lying there with the covers and the kitties. Even though I ended up missing a yoga workshop I signed up (and paid) for, I didn’t beat myself up over it. How unlike me!

Ever since my brother died, I’ve said that one day, I need to spend the day in bed. All day. Maybe I’ll read, maybe I’ll watch TV, maybe I will lie there and do nothing. I still need and want that day, and was tempted to take it yesterday.

Alas, I dragged my sorry ass out of bed to sludge through conquer what was left of the day. The kitties, however, thought it best to remain in bed.

I was jealous.

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