Dating: The Final Frontier

Since announcing my separation, I have intentionally not written much, if anything, about my romantic life. (Yes — shockingly — I have one! Well … I don’t know if “romantic” really defines my experiences over the past year and a half, but you get the idea). At first it was out of respect to my ex, but that has not been an issue for ages now given all the time that has passed. I think it’s more been a question of, do I really want to go there? And if so, how far to go?

The truth is, dating is a giant ball of ridiculous / hilarious / tragic / confusing / comical / traumatic /emotional nonsense that can be fabulous, or fabulously horrific. In other words, good times! Why not share some of the juicy details — when and as appropriate — for your reading pleasure?


After re-entering the dating scene following nearly 10 years off the market, I quickly discovered a lot has changed — most notably, me. It is a different world out there as a 30-something single thing vs. as a 20-something single thing. I mean really, really different. Don’t get me wrong, boys are still overall pretty dumb (and pretty horny). But my tolerance for BS, for playing games, for accepting intentionally idiotic behavior is non-existent these days. Of course BS, games and idiotic behavior is the norm on the single scene. Fun!

Yet, onward I go. From what I can tell, most men I’ve encountered aren’t really sure what to do with me. I’m independent and do my own thing … weird, right? I’m not looking for a boyfriend (and certainly not a husband) but if I meet someone and feel differently, why not go for it? Life’s too short to live by silly rules and restrictions. I mean, when Ryan Gosling calls, I am going to answer.


Look, I’m a catch!

So, back to over-sharing. Um … yeah, I don’t really kiss and tell. If you are looking for me to share intimate details of my encounters à la 50 Shades of Gray (you know, with the horrible writing and pathetic plot lines), I really don’t think I can make that happen (but you never know … so watch out, suitors!). I guess what I’ll leave you with is a brief summary of my dating observations from My So-Called Dating Life 2.0:

  • I am not a cougar (far too young!!), yet I have kissed a number of boys who are entirely too young for me. And it’s been awesome 😉
  • I am asked out by a lot of lesbians. The ladies are bold! Unfortunately I’m not bisexual, or bi-curious, but I am happy to expand my friendships if that’s an option.
  • Married men have also “kindly” offered to date me. Uh, no. Keep moving. How desperate do I look??
  • I’m convinced that the old school date — getting picked up, taken out, etc. — is basically dead.
  • When did it become acceptable to send naked pictures via text? I have yet to have any desire to capture the magic of my naughty bits on film, but let me tell you, the guys don’t seem to have a problem with it.
  • No, flicking my thigh is not a turn on. Just. Stop.

Go on, be jealous.

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  1. Get out there girl. Have fun and regale us with the tales, must reading! Muuuua! From one non-lesbian to another. 🙂

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