So yes, as was to be expected, I missed a few days of the Photography 101 project as life is insane, as per usual. In addition, the theme on Thursday was Bliss. That same day, D.C. got eight inches of snow and I wanted to stab someone. So yeah … I wasn’t really in a place to capture bliss on film that day. Friday’s theme was Solitude, and I’ll definitely get back to that at some point. But I digress.

Anyway, here I am trying to get back in the saddle. I kind of copped out of today’s theme, which is Connect. I am hoping to find other subjects to photograph than my animals for this project (you know, actually get outside and capture real life), but they just had to do for today. And they’re so damn cute, so why not?

My two cats and a dog have a crazy interspecies love connection. They are amazing, and I am so lucky they get along so well and show each other so much love. Here is my (lazy-ass) interpretation of Connect.

Connect, photo101

Connect, Photo101. Three animals, one amazing connection – to me and to each other.