A New Woman!

Ok, admittedly, under normal circumstances if I felt the way I do today (physically speaking, not mentally/emotionally) I would probably say that I felt “meh”. OK … not bad but not great. Maybe a little off. No biggie.

But based on how I’ve been the past few days I am so ridiculously happy I want to dance around and scream from the rooftops. Woohoo!

Food poisoning, folks. Three full days of it. As in, body wrecking, nonstop vomiting, dehydrating, hallucination-inducing (seriously) food poisoning. Likely culprit: either the raspberries I put on my breakfast cereal, or the almond milk that I used. Who knows, because every last bit of the bowl I consumed came back up.


A few things I learned:

  • My dog is the best dog ever. She became a totally and completely different dog once I was legitimately sick. A total mommy dog who took care of me, laid with me, stretched out next to me, worried about me and protected me (even growling at the caregiver who came over — see next bullet), holding her teeny dog bladder for waaaaaay longer than she should have. My heart is full.
  • It’s ok to accept help. I actually let someone come over, bring me Pedialyte and water, take the dog out, and sit with me to make sure I was all right — even though I had been vomiting half the day, had puke in my hair, looked and smelled like hell, and left a bathroom that would rival any fraternity house’s. I am grateful, if not a bit mortified.
  • I’m a big fan of hydration.
  • I cannot tell a lie, it was nice to see the ridiculous weight loss numbers on the scale. Seven (!!) pounds at one point. Two are now back and I’m sure the remaining five will rejoin me by tomorrow, but the shallow girl in me at least had one thing to enjoy from this experience. To quote the brilliance of The Devil Wears Prada, “I’m just one stomach flu away from my goal weight.”
  • Soup is good.

If you want a better sense for what I felt like for the first 24 hours (prior to gratefully slipping into sleep for the next 24 hours), this video sums it up.

Happy Friday, folks!

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