Friday Night: What a Difference 10 Years Makes

So given the fact that I am suffering from the plague, I sadly had to turn down an invitation to see the Buffalo Bills play the Washington Redskins tonight. Heartbreaking. Not only because I am SO ready for some football, but also because it is so rare that I actually do anything anymore on Friday nights. Oh my, how horrified my 25-year-old self would be at my 35-year-old self.

I can remember how important – no, critical – it was to go out on a Friday night during my younger, single days. I can’t really recall why it was such a big deal … it’s not like I would be forced to wear the scarlet letter “L” (loser? loner?) if my plans involved staying in and doing nothing. (Obviously the same thing applied to Saturday night). But there was almost a desperation involved, a “what if” factor – what if something fabulous happened and I missed it? What if that talent agent happened to be scouting at the bar and I missed my big break? What if my future husband was there (you know, like Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp) and I missed him??????? Clearly, not going out on a Friday night meant I was doomed to die single, alone and un-famous.

These days, I am just too darn tired to go out on a Friday night. Sure this may be pathetic, but I can rally for some good Saturday night fun (if I have to) without a problem. The perfect Friday night for me involves some frou-frou cocktail made from whatever mixer we have in the fridge, the latest US Weekly (yes, I subscribe), and in bed asleep by 10 p.m., with no alarm set for the next day. Heavenly.

I know this isn’t an age or dating status thing, as I have plenty of friends my age and older, single and married – although admittedly mostly childless (like myself) – who still manage to go out and have some fun each Friday. Part of me may even be slightly jealous at their energy and ambition. But looking back, I can confidently say that I’ve lived up enough Friday’s to last me a lifetime. These days a simple Friday night in is a reward as opposed to a punishment.

Besides, I’ll take a fun Wednesday or Thursday night on the town any day. After all, I can rest up come Friday!

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