Vacation Like It’s My Job (yes, I am fully aware I have issues)

Greetings from Cancún, Mexico! Remarkably, I managed to wake up on time to catch my flight and made it here without issue (outside of the overweight bag. Seriously, my suitcase must weigh 49 pounds on its own. WTF??? I packed bikinis, people. Argh.). In case you were wondering, my solo vacation has been fabulous, and educational. A few tidbits for your reading pleasure.

  • The weather here has been more overcast than sunny, resulting in me spending less time than usual beach- or poolside and more time kicking back (mostly in my fabulous balcony hammock). I usually spend every minute of sunlight sunbathing, so this change has made me realize that I was approaching vacation like it was my job. Lay out! Get tan! Flip! There is work to be done! Pathetic, I know. Even as I strive for an agenda-less  vacation, I came to realize, while swinging in my hammock, that I was in fact setting a very busy agenda, even if it consisted of trivial things. Having my little vacation schedule thrown away has been liberating in ways I didn’t fully expect.
  • When I woke up on Monday morning, it was a very strange sensation. I felt … different. I finally figured out it was because I wasn’t tired. I. WASN’T. TIRED. Why is that such a strange feeling or sensation? How frustrating to realize that this is how I’m supposed to feel? Are you all aware that being well-rested is a quite spectacular feeling? So why don’t I feel this way all of the time? A night of more than 13 hours of sleep, followed by a three- or four-hour nap that afternoon, then a solid eight hours of slumber. Repeat. Heaven.
  • Even if the magical day comes when I have kids, I will never. EVER. go on vacation with them. Love to my parents and grandparents who took me and my brother on vacations and trips and such, but holy christ, kids are annoying and I want to punch them in the face. (no, darling, I DO NOT WANT TO SEE YOU DO A HANDSTAND IN THE POOL FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME, nor does anyone else. Now shut the fuck up and let me drink my margarita in peace).
  • I shamelessly let young boys hit on me and let them think I’m 25. Save the judgement, who knows how much longer I’ll be able to work it!

With that, my friends, I am off to the beach, feeling very grateful for all I have at this moment.

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