I Don’t Do Sick

I am sick. It blows. I hate it. I am a terrible patient.

I haven’t felt that great for the past two weeks or so, although nothing that was bad enough to alter my day-to-day activities. A few headaches, body aches and overall fatigue — all normal feelings for me, although usually not all at once. Every day. For several days. So I took a few doses of DayQuil here and there, or something for the headache, but overall it was manageable and I could still get on with my life.

Until today.

Pippa has the right idea, and she’s not even sick!

Apparently me feeling icky over the past two weeks was a warning: Slow down. Rest up. Get some sleep. Don’t over-exert yourself. Of course what did I do? Sped up. Stressed out. Got very little sleep. Over exerted myself. (I know this comes as a HUGE shock to all of you). So here I am, down and out, barely able to move and living in squalor (more or less anyway) … and too exhausted to do a thing about it.

I know what I need to do is simply take a day off to rest and recover, and I am slowly clearing my calendar tomorrow in hopes to do just that. Work call? Declined. Trapeze class? Dropped. Of course the thought of resting, sleeping, watching crappy TV and doing nothing all day TOTALLY STRESSES ME OUT. Pathetic, I know. Why can’t I just take a day to do nothing but try to feel better? One day is probably all that I need anyway. It’s one of those blessings and curses of working from home. Sure, I can work from bed in my pajamas. But self-employment is a 24×7 job. If I feel well enough to be awake, I am well enough to do some work. Right? And of course all of this is hitting me at the worst possible time, when I am slammed with work and have a ton to do.

Sigh. I suppose the fact that I’m even taking a minute to blog about the fact that I am sick and stressing out about taking downtime shows that I really am a basket case. But I really really am going to try this time to relax, rest and recover. To put my health first. To take the steps and actions needed to feel better.

Well, tomorrow. I’ll try tomorrow.

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