Could I Be … Relaxed??

Greetings from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico! (or perhaps I should say, ¡Hola!). Five days after my panicked, very expensive rescheduled arrival, I can admit that I may just be … wait for it … relaxed. What a very strange feeling!

It rules.

Sure, there is work to be done. Sure, I didn’t bring anything appropriate to wear other than bikinis thanks to the holycrapIamgoingtomissmyflight packing strategy. Sure, I have three mascaras with me (I own three mascaras?), none of which are waterproof. But a few amazing nights’ sleep, a few hours spent soaking in the sun, a few hundred drinks later, I am all right with it all. I have exhaled.

I know I will likely  return to my crazy type-A self not long after arriving back in Washington, D.C. I’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. But as I prepare to enjoy the last night out with my friend before she heads back home, as I enjoy a glass of wine while taking in the view from the patio, all is well.

Fruity drinks -- make that free fruity drinks from our new friend Francisco -- make me happy. Who knew?


Still figuring out how I can bring them home with me. (The puppies, not the random dude. In case you were wondering.)


Beach bar crawl ... stop #1!

Bar crawl stop 3? 4? 5? Who knows?

I could get used to this view.


So apparently stingrays (or some other kind of sea creature) randomly jump out of the water. They were awesome.

Life After Normal

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  1. You look great! So relaxed and just enjoying yor time there. Are you really going to take the puppy home with you? It is adorable!! Have a safe trip home!

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