The Best Intentions Can Sometimes Fail … (in a good way!)

Over the past month or so, I have really been focusing on reducing my stress and anxiety levels and achieving balance in my crazy life (hence, this blog!). To help me along this process, I decided to make an effort to take regular yoga classes, based on countless doctor recommendations, friend recommendations and research recommendations about the benefits of yoga.

The studio that I selected has an online reservation system. Brilliant! I can schedule an appointment and block it on my calendar, making the class participation appear more as a “must do” / commitment as opposed to a “nice to do” / if I have time. I signed up for the Tuesday 6 p.m. class and entered it into my calendar. I was ready to go!

As usual, I was late shutting everything down and leaving the office. As I hurried out to the parking lot to get my car and head to class (with seconds to spare), suddenly it hit me.

I forgot my bag. You know, the bag with my workout clothes and yoga mat.

No clothes, no yoga. AARRGGHH!

I texted my husband, who was at home, and asked him if my bag happened to be there (because you never know, my office parking garage could have a gang of yoga bag thieves making the rounds). Of course, the bag was sitting right there on the floor next to our dining table. Apparently in my rush to leave in the morning, I completely forgot to pick it up. What can I say, it’s not as though taking a gym bag of any variety is a habit.

Yep, there it is, right where I left it. Maybe there's just too much beige?

I was incredibly disappointed, as I had looked forward to the class all day. Although yoga studios typically do rent mats, clothes are another matter. That’s when I came up with my plan: I needed to have the “emergency workout / yoga clothes” in the trunk of my car at all times. That way, I would never again have the excuse to miss a class or a workout because I was forgetful in the morning.

But therein lied the dilemma – after neglecting the gym for so long (years), and never really doing yoga … I just didn’t have “extra” clothes that could live in my car. Clearly, there was only one solution.

Time to shop!!!!!

With my evening suddenly free, off to lululemon athletica I went. For those not familiar with the store, picture cute yoga / workout-type clothes at about 10 times what you think you should pay for those items. Oh, but I went. And I bought. My goodness, did I buy.

My wardrobe now consists of several cute new yoga outfits. Hooray! The fact that I can’t wait to wear these new items will clearly inspire me to take yoga classes on a regular basis (that’s my logic, anyway).  Sure, I basically spent my next paycheck, but a new reason to make the effort to go to yoga – or even the gym – was well worth the investment.

And wouldn’t you know, when it was all said and done, I got home earlier than anticipated, spent a little extra time with the husband, and even relaxed over a glass of wine (or two) with dinner.

That, my friends, is a win-win situation. See you at the studio!

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  1. I started yoga in NYC for the same reasons – stress management. It does wonders for your psyche… and your body. Whichever form works best for you, I found a weekly practice did help immensely. Best of luck!

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