Empty Calendar??

When I left my office last night, I was preparing for a Thursday and Friday full of client meetings, including one in-person client meeting that was threatening to go for four hours or so. Yet due to a strange series of events (I’m sure something is funky with the stars, moon or sun) all of these meetings canceled.

Where are the meetings??

For the first time in weeks, I have nothing scheduled on my calendar for two weekdays. No meetings, no appointments, just time to actually get shit done.

It’s all too often after a day spend in meetings, dealing with employee and company issues, and perhaps a personal item or two, I look at the clock and realize it’s already 6 o’clock. Um … when exactly am I supposed to get my work done?? After three or so days of this, the end of the week comes with a panic to meet deadlines and a growing to-do list of work that needs to be completed over the weekend.

So today I managed to create a messaging presentation, review multiple documents, take care of client billing and expense issues, write a survey, clean out my inbox and take 30 entire minutes to have lunch in the conference room with some colleagues. And I get to do this again tomorrow? This weekend is shaping up to be a good one!

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