Taking My Own Advice

I hate it when I’m right. Wait, let me rephrase that (because I am always right. Right? Right!).

Back in December, when I decided to take One Giant Leap, it was because I realized that the power to make changes in my life comes down to me. No one else. If I have any expectations otherwise, well then it’s my fault.

Specifically, I realized and acknowledged:

The only person in the world who is going to put my needs first is … me.

The only person who has the power to change my life is … me.

The only person who can stop the cyclone is … me.

Damn, I’m good. And damn, I was right. And damn, what made me forget this brilliant observation?

Once again I find myself overwhelmed, hanging by a thread, stressed and exhausted. Why do I keep returning to this place? Are forces working against me, or am I simply a glutton for punishment and bringing it upon myself?

I think the answer to both of those questions is YES.

Time to return to the yoga mat. Time to breathe. Time to turn down a few invitations — personal and professional — and get back to a sense of balance.

Hopefully, this time I will learn my lesson and reinforce a few good habits. Because honestly, this constant verge-of-hyperventilation thing is getting a bit old.


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