Welcome to My Mid-Life Crisis

No, I didn’t buy a ridiculous sports car, and let’s just say *no comment* on the 20-something boy toys … but, perhaps I’m having a mid-life crisis. Why? Because I made the decision to pick up my life and move across the country.

Seattle, here I come!!!

seattle; mid-life crisis

There are worse places where a mid-life crisis can take you! Photo by MILKOVÍ on Unsplash

Yes, after years of contemplation, I am finally going to do it. I am throwing caution to the wind, and I am heading west.

It wasn’t an easy decision, but it wasn’t exactly a difficult one. Every time I think of staying in D.C., I feel like my best years are behind me. When I think about moving to Seattle, I feel like my best years are ahead of me.

That doesn’t mean the decision to move wasn’t filled with challenges. Financially, it is not cheap to relocate 3,000 miles. I’m so grateful that my business will keep on going — my clients are already remote, and I’ll keep doing what I’m doing in my marketing and communications life. I have the opportunity to continue teaching flying trapeze, and will be training even harder with my new circus community.

It’s strange, but as I begin to pack and determine what I’m tossing and what I’m taking, In some ways I see this move as shedding the final shrouds of grief that remain from my brother’s suicide and my divorce. Obviously I’m still mourning my brother’s death, but starting over somewhere new will be a refreshing (albeit scary) change. I’m also realizing that any remaining shared marital items, while not things that I ever considered to have emotional baggage, aren’t making the trip west with me. This truly is a journey for me to find my freedom — from physical and emotional attachments that tie me to my most painful past.

The next few weeks are going to be insane — and I’m not wasting any time. I have zero interest in prolonged good-byes. I’ve got things to do, places to be and a life to live. You had 17 years with me, D.C. I outgrew you long ago. Time to spread my wings and fly.

So I refuse to see this as a crisis. It’s an opportunity — time to really be the best me I can be and to live my best life.

The best is yet to come. Watch out, Seattle.

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