I’m Back and Better Than Ever!!

Well, I’m back anyway. Miss me?

First and foremost, Happy New Year! Let me be the first to say, Fuck Off, 2013. You sucked.

At any rate, after some time and introspection, I’m ready to dust off the old keyboard and get back to contributing to Life After NormalI made some changes and have some ideas about how to keep things interesting and entertaining, and of course am open to any thoughts and feedback from YOU, dear readers!

  • Focus. While I’m planning to write much like I did before, I’m going to focus my categorization on four topics: Normal (you know, the usual nonsense I come up with), Vegan (food and stuff, with thoughts on adopting the broader vegan lifestyle), Yoga and Trapeze (I am a student and teacher of both, and want to share my experiences in these two endeavors which are so important to me) and Work (I own a business which comes with its own set of ups and downs). I’m looking forward to writing a bit more about aspects of my life other than my usual emotional turmoil (more on this below).
  • Design. Check out the home page for a new look and feel. I’m still playing around with things and working to manipulate the code for the new WordPress theme to get the look that I want. I figured I would launch a “close but not quite ready” new site because if I waited until I had everything “perfect” it would never happen.
  • Header/logo. I know it sucks, and it’s really just a placeholder for now. If anyone would like to offer to spruce it up (and receive a massive shout-out and my never-ending love and affection) let me know! Looking to just keep words vs. photos. Simplicity, folks.

Why the change? Well, change is good and I needed a refresh. I also wanted to put a bit more structure around my blog posts than just venting about my feelings and emotions whenever I’m bouncing around rock bottom. Because let’s be honest, the reality is that rock bottom is my address, so why dwell? Let’s branch out — particularly around my yoga and flying trapeze adventures.

Of course, the emotional sharing you know and love isn’t going away (sorry!), it’s the main part of this blog — the healing process. I’m still healing. Every day. It’s a marathon that keeps getting longer.

I’m still making some updates (I have however many years of posts I need to re-categorize based on new categories, fixing sidebars which are all messed up) and working within the constraints of a new theme, so if things look wonky, I’m working on fixing it (such as the weird captions for pictures posted in earlier posts). Thanks for your patience. At any rate, I’m happy to be back and writing again. Until next time!

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