So I’m back, kind of. The vertigo for the most part is gone, thanks to that annoying healer known as “time”. Slowly I’m returning to whatever version of normalcy I’ve grasped on to, working my way back to having an actual life as much as I can.

Taking time to heal from vertigo is strange. For a week or two, I could not do anything. Seriously – whatever hit me was/is a beast. I could only stare at the computer screen / TV / book or magazine for short periods of time, as it would bring on dizziness. The only thing that I could do was sit there, alone with my thoughts.

It was brutal: isolating, incredibly depressing, lonely, and even brought on a bit of paranoia.  What if I never get “better”? What if I stay like this for the rest of my life? Is this my new normal? Why fucking me?????? 

But I am trying to take the positive out of these awful six weeks and focus on the silver lining. There actually were some things I was able to work though mentally and emotionally; I figured out some steps I want to take with my life and defined a few things I want to accomplish. So now what?

Change is inevitable and much needed. Will I have the courage to move forward and make the changes, along with make things happen?

Time will tell.

Life After Normal

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