Who the F*@% Lives Here??

My apartment looks like it just hosted a party when Jake Ryan’s parents were out of town. WTF??? How did this happen???

Dirty dishes on the tables and the kitchen countertop. Laundry (clean? dirty?) all over the floor and bathroom sink. Papers everywhere.

I am discombobulated and I hate it. HATE. IT.

When things are a mess I have a hard time concentrating on whatever needs to be done – from work out of my home office, to even just kicking back and watching TV or reading a magazine. I am ADD as it is, so this is pushing me over the edge.

While I have come to accept that I may never be “organized”, I at least want to be tidy and clean. It’s more than seeing that the floor needs to be vacuumed … it’s like I am getting a glimpse at the mess in my head, the mess in my life, and all that good stuff.

Cue the anxiety attack.

If this was in my future, however, I would have absolutely no problem with the mess. (Jake Ryan, call me!!!)

I’m losing it and it sucks!!

Martha Stewart, please help!

Life After Normal

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