So suddenly, I am living alone in what has become a very large living space for me, a crazy spinster cat lady (or whatever my official title is these days). While this whole situation quite frankly blows, you know the saying: when life gives you lemons … pour the vodka. So I decided to make the best of things.

Time to redecorate!

Goodbye, two bedroom/two bathroom. Hello, one bedroom/bathroom with one home office/bathroom.

While the budget for this redecoration is limited at best (feel free to send donations! I have a PayPal account!), I made do with what I had, and took advantage of a sale at the Container Store (a “desk” for less than $100? Don’t mind if I do!). So without further ado, I present to you, for the first time, my “proper” office in all its IKEA / Container Store glory (yes, I’m renting, so excuse the beige-ness of the walls and carpet).

My waiting room! And, a potential customer!


Yes, I realize the decorating is crap,. but all the stuff on the floor had to go somewhere. This will change at some point. Hopefully. Maybe.


Note "entertainment unit" to occupy the office assistants ...

... when they are not sleeping on the job.

At some point I’ll need to do something about the complete lack of color — maybe add a throw rug, hang some more stuff, etc. All in good time – this will do for now. When I need some creative inspiration, I’ll just … well … enjoy the view.

Don't be jealous.

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