Proceed With Caution

I started “Life After Normal” in August of this year, so I have been a “blogger” for a few months now. Putting myself out there in such a raw, unfiltered and public fashion is terrifying as well as liberating. Some days I don’t want to write at all; other days I wish I had the time to do 10 posts, as there is so much that I want to get off of my chest. But overall, blogging has been a great experience for me, and the feedback and encouragement that I have received from friends, acquaintances, colleagues and even complete strangers has been incredible. (thank you!)

With all the encouragement also comes a lot of advice – some good, some questionable, some insane, but all appreciated. The area where the advice has been most conflicting – and where I have struggled the most – is when to proceed with caution.

Those who know me are well aware that I can be too outspoken for my own good. While I am opinionated (hopefully as opposed to argumentative!), sometimes I don’t know when to just shut up. It’s an interesting contradiction for me personally, as I also tend to over-think things to the point of ridiculousness.

I think the topic that has the most significant gray area is when it comes to talking about my professional life. There are too many horror stories about people getting fired or not getting a job due to something that appeared online, on social media or in a blog (and posting inappropriate photographs are another story …).  Proceeding with caution here is certainly good advice. However, after taking it under consideration, I conclude that I would rather be open and honest about everything (personal, professional or otherwise) than to neutralize the reality of the situation for fear of professional retribution by current or future employers.

Of course, my personal philosophy (that I do my best to live by) is never to say something negative about anyone or anything that I wouldn’t say to his/her/their face. I have no intention of using “Life After Normal” to air dirty laundry, to call someone out behind his or her back, or to disparage my company / employer / clients / etc. in any capacity.

What can I say, if someday some company denies me a job due to the fact that I use “Life After Normal” to reluctantly admit that I am, in fact, human, express that I feel overworked, state that I wish I had a better work/life balance, continue to feel overwhelming grief resulting from my brother’s death … I wouldn’t want to work there anyway.

So for better or for worse, I am going to be brutally honest. With everything. Hang on, it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

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