Day Zero Project

To track my progress, visit my Day Zero Project page.

  1. Become Yoga Alliance-certified DONE!
  2. Teach yoga classes at a yoga studio
  3. Become “intermediate” flying trapeze student DONE!
  4. Run a 10 mile race
  5. Read Anna Karenina
  6. Finish my brother’s photo album DONE!
  7. Adopt a dog DONE!
  8. Attend my 20th high school reunion DONE!
  9. Visit Lafayette College
  10. Pay off my credit cards
  11. Visit my grandparents’ graves at least four times a year
  12. Attend a Buffalo Bills game in Buffalo
  13. Go to Hawaii
  14. Build a photography portfolio
  15. Expand my business
  16. Buy my first home
  17. Get another tattooDONE!
  18. Bake bread from scratchDONE!
  19. See a Broadway play
  20. Visit a new Smithsonian museum
  21. Spend a holiday volunteering at a food bank
  22. Meditate IN PROGRESS!!
  23. Bake vegan cupcakes
  24. Host a vegan dinner party
  25. Master a handstand IN PROGRESS!!
  26. Learn how to apply false eyelashes IN PROGRESS!!
  27. Be an extra in a movie
  28. Begin writing a book
  29. Build the “Life After Normal” brand IN PROGRESS!
  30. Get new veneers
  31. Stop parking illegally IN PROGRESS!
  32. Go to Australia and New Zealand
  33. See a Broadway musical DONE!
  34. Make my own jewelry
  35. Dress up for Halloween DONE!
  36. Donate blood
  37. See 10 classic movies I’ve never seen
  38. Pet a lion or a tiger
  39. Sing karaoke DONE!
  40. Wear makeup more often IN PROGRESS!
  41. Dress up for no reason IN PROGRESS!
  42. Mentor a younger PR professional IN PROGRESS!
  43. Mentor an at-risk youth
  44. Drive less. Bike more
  45. Grow a vegetable
  46. Watch all six Star Wars movies
  47. Watch all the Harry Potter movies
  48. Vote for an American Idol
  49. Vote for Obama DONE!
  50. Go to Spain
  51. Improve my Spanish IN PROGRESS!
  52. Learn basic French
  53. Write a thank-you note
  54. Send more greeting cards (snail mail, not e-mail)
  55. Live authentically IN PROGRESS!
  56. Use Twitter regularly IN PROGRESS!
  57. Be featured in another magazine
  58. Learn to play the guitar
  59. Play the piano regularly
  60. Perform on the piano in public
  61. Re-learn Rachmaninoff’s Prelude Op. 32, No. 2
  62. Do 10 chin ups
  63. Take a vacation with my girlfriendsDONE!
  64. Wear the “sexy” underwear for no reason IN PROGRESS!
  65. Drink champagne for no reason IN PROGRESS!
  66. Go on a vacation by myself DONE!
  67. Visit the GWU bookstore
  68. Visit the new MLK monument
  69. Publish an article with MY byline
  70. Go to a jazz club
  71. Max out my 401(k) contribution
  72. Try Bikram Yoga DONE!
  73. Try Ashtanga yoga DONE!
  74. Try Iyengar yoga DONE!
  75. Try vinyasa yoga DONE!
  76. Play softball
  77. Go to a NHL hockey game
  78. Call my grandma
  79. Call my mother
  80. Call my father
  81. Have a birthday party
  82. Finish a crossword puzzle
  83. Do a 5-day juice cleanse
  84. Sunbathe at a nude beach. Nude
  85. Attend a formal black tie event DONE!
  86. Cheer on people running a marathon
  87. Go out dancing
  88. Get professional headshots
  89. Go snowboarding
  90. Go wakeboarding
  91. Visit a state I’ve never been to before
  92. Sew something
  93. See a taping of the Ellen Show
  94. Create my wedding album … regardless of what happens with my marriage
  95. Use Wii Fit
  96. Play the lottery DONE!
  97. Play video games DONE!
  98. Get botox DONE!
  99. Learn to play chess
  100. Go hiking
  101. When I start dating again, be completely honest in terms of what I feel. No games

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