Moving on Up!

Guess what? I’m moving!

Oh, how I wish I could follow that statement up with something exciting and life-changing. Alas, five years after moving into my current unit (which I wrote about here), I am simply moving to a different apartment in my apartment building. From the second floor, to the fourth.

Moves are funny. Going through all of your worldly possessions can be a slap in the face in terms of showing you very explicitly where you are in life and your current reality. It also reveals more than just the happy memories packed away; not every trip down memory lane is a pleasant one.

Even though I got rid of a ton of stuff when I downsized to move here, I held on to more than I needed to. It feels strange to now get rid of things that have been with me for so long – some from before I was married, some things that were my brother’s. Things I held on to because I just always had them around, or thought I needed them around.

It’s weird when something that was at one time meaningful, is now just clutter. But here we are. Off to recycling (or the trash) we go.

In just a few days, I’ll be embracing the feeling of a fresh start (hopefully without too many boxes lingering around). The new apartment is about the same size as the old, so we’re not talking any kind of massive changes. But I welcome the time to re-organize and re-prioritize.

I look forward to writing my next post from a sunlit apartment (my current place gets zero sun, not a single sunbeam!) high enough off of the ground where people won’t be climbing up my balcony trying to break in. Small changes, but I’ll take them!

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  1. I am happy for you Laura. Change can be good! The best part, in my opinion for you, is the fresh start and sunlight! The sunlight will definitely help!! I bet your fur babies will love it too!! xoxoxo

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