Escape to a Secure, Undisclosed Location

Well folks, I did it. After wishing for so long that I could just escape and disappear for awhile, I saw an opportunity and I made it happen.

I got away.

No, I am not on vacation – I continue to work remotely as I do every other day of the week from my office in D.C. But I removed myself from the distractions of home, the craziness of my current situation, my complete inability to sit still and relax. I am on my own, by myself, with 13 magazines, six books, one yoga mat, and my computer. I slept 10 hours last night and hope to repeat that many times before my return to D.C.

And while I was at it, I upgraded the view from my office. Nice, isn’t it?

The view from my "office" window at my secure, undisclosed location. Eat your heart out, Dick Cheney.

So my big plans are to enjoy the silence … relax … read … and maybe, if I’m lucky, get a bit of sun. I’ve been here fewer than 24 hours and already it’s evident how much a simple change of environment has helped my body and soul.

Oh, and here is how we do afternoon meetings at the secure, undisclosed location.

This doesn't suck.

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  1. You almost look as if you are right in the middle of the ocean on a cruise ship. Wherever you are, it looks beautiful. Being around water is just so relaxing. So, enjoy it while you can!! I am soooo jealous!!

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