Moving On … Moving Out

My husband moved out of our apartment this weekend — definitely a “down” in terms of the ups and downs one experiences with marriage. As I reorganize my now spacious apartment to suit one person (and two cats), I try not to dwell on the why / what went wrong, and instead focus on looking ahead – whatever the future may hold.

I spent Labor Day weekend in Seattle visiting friends, which was a welcome escape from reality for a few days. Although I couldn’t entirely forget about my situation back in D.C., my wonderful friends certainly helped me put it in the back of my mind for a while. Still, I wasn’t prepared for the shock and the overwhelming emotion that resulted walking into what used to be “home”, and is now simply “my apartment”.

So I move items of clothing from one closet to another. I purchase new furniture to replace pieces that are no longer here. I am surprised to find some of the little things that left with him … as well as a few little things that remain with me. I try to comfort two cats who are clearly distressed and confused with the new living arrangement. I struggle with the fact that doing something that may be the right thing to do, doesn’t make it any easier or less painful.

People have commented on the fact that I am a strong person and can get through this, like I’ve gotten through all the other shit life has thrown at me. I wish this was a choice as opposed to a necessity.

One foot in front of the other.

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  1. typing one handed holding HKG in the other arm. My heart goes out to you and please know how much you are supported and loved. anythinh you need, please let me know. better days are to come. hugs

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