The Weekend of Irene

So last week was a bitch. Seriously, most days I felt as though I had been run over by a truck — and then that truck backed up and ran over me again. However, a 9-hour sleep on Thursday and a 12-hour sleep on Friday certainly re-charged my batteries. While I was up and full of energy before 7 a.m. on Saturday morning, Arlington County declared a state of emergency and joined the rest of the East coast on a Hurricane Irene PANIC!!!!!!! alert/watch.

Thanks, bitch!

With a number of prior commitments cancelled or rescheduled, all of a sudden, I had the entire weekend FREE and to myself. Heavenly!!!!! How to fill the time, outside of my constant efforts to resist the temptation to drink mimosas all day?

  • Catching up on email: personal, work and otherwise. One massive source of stress, lessened.
  • Reading 600 blog posts from others out there in the proverbial blogosphere. Seriously, you can’t blog without reading and commenting on other blogs, it’s against the law or something (and a warrant is out for my arrest). I moved all the blogs I follow to BlogLovin to keep track of new posts (since I couldn’t deal with the email reminders, and I’m not a RSS fan). Click click click … tally is back to zero.
  • Debating who should be my next boyfriend. Bradley Cooper? Ryan Gosling? Ryan Reynolds? Ryan Kwanten? Matt Bomer?
  • Obsessing a bit over the fact that three potential future boyfriends’ names are Ryan. What could that possibly mean?
  • Feeling ridiculously proud of myself for going to the gym — and actually exercising once there.
  • Practicing yoga and failing miserably at the headstands and handstands. I blame the earthquake for shifting the planet’s equilibrium.
  • Eating entirely too many homemade cookies (yes, homemade by me, thankyouverymuch), and washing them down with wine.
  • Sharing the pain of being trapped indoors while the hurricane hit with about 300 of my East coast Facebook friends. Scanned and posted ridiculous college pictures, chatted over IM, and played about 18 games of Scrabble and 30 games of Words with Friends. Managed to do pretty well in spite of the copious amounts of wine I consumed by this point. (To be honest, this was my favorite part of hurricane weekend. It was a virtual reunion and a lot of fun).
  • Watching movies such as “Anchorman” that I have seen a million times before. “Tits McGee is on vacation!”
  • Getting an airbrush tan. Yes, I paid someone to spray my naked body with an ice-cold tanning solution so I can resemble an oompa-loompa today. Oh well, it will fade by the weekend.
  • Plowing through administrative work items, and preparing several thousand dollars worth of invoices. Ca-ching! (in 30-45 days, anyway).
So there you have it. No, I didn’t get to read/relax as much as I had hoped, but my magazines are at least in neat little chronologically ordered piles. That is progress, and I will take it.

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