I’d Like to Thank the Academy …

When I look back on the things that I have written over the past 10 months since I started Life After Normal, I am truly amazed at how much I have changed. I started this blog as a last-ditch attempt to deal with my suffocating grief, insecurity, panic, anxiety and stress, and to try to find a light at the end of a very long and dark tunnel — and, as my former tagline stated, “Blogging is cheaper and easier than therapy”.

Many people expressed confusion at why I was doing this in such a public forum. Well, I assumed that I was not alone in what I was going through, and thought that maybe someone, some day, would find a little help or comfort in my willingness to express my feelings so openly. In addition, I figured that some of my frustrated friends who were unsure about what to do with me would get a few answers with a little insight into my whacked out head.

What I never anticipated was the outpouring of support and love that I have received from friends and total strangers — not only in response to my obvious grief over my brother’s suicide, but also just the day-to-day challenges of life for a 30-something, self-employed vegan attempting to navigate the unexpected. This virtual community of old and new friends has supported me as I try to deal with my pain, as I failed in balancing work and life, as I ventured out on my own professionally, and so much more.

Thank you. I wish I could do this as a full-time job (although I am sure many of you are glad that I can’t!!).

One of the great things about venturing into the so-called blogosphere is finding others with similar ideas, challenges, life expectations and disappointments — and watching friends, old and new, decide to dip a toe in and take the plunge for themselves. One example is my college friend, sorority sister, and former co-partner in crime, Stoopmama. If you haven’t checked out her blog, go do it now please. I’ll wait while you visit.

Welcome back! Clearly you read Stoopmama’s recent post “This is how (why) we do it.” and saw her so graciously bestow this lovely “award” to me:

Feel the love!! Share the love!

Part of this “award” requires I write seven things about myself nobody really knows. Clearly I haven’t over-shared enough through this blog, so why stop now? <please note sarcasm>

Without further ado, here are seven things you may or (more likely) may not know about me.

  1. I think watermelon is vile. Same with honeydew. Cantaloupe, however, rules.
  2. I know I drink entirely too much wine. And I don’t care.
  3. My very first crush was Simon Le Bon from Duran Duran. I was eight. Looking back, I find it a bit creepy.
  4. When I am driving by myself, I am completely ADD with the radio. I can’t listen to a song for more than 30 seconds before finding something else on Sirius or my iPod. I think this is why I usually listen to ESPNRadio.
  5. I am really really really close to shifting my Buffalo Bills loyalty 100 percent to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Thisclose.
  6. If I could do it all over again, I would have taken more chances in my education and career. Meaning, I wouldn’t have taken the “safe” path to a guaranteed paycheck and health insurance. I would have focused on photography, music, and/or art, and then taken the leap (and potential risk) to see where it went. I think I would have been much happier pursuing this path.
  7. As cheesy as it sounds, I don’t think I will ever be able to articulate how glad I am that Facebook etc. emerged and allowed me to re-connect with so many friends from my past (such as Stoopmama herself) that otherwise, I likely never would have heard from or seen again. Some of my closest friends today are thanks to these re-connections.

Another part of this award is to spread the love to others who blog and you deem worthy enough to follow. Yay! So please check out/visit/love these other blogs that I have the pleasure to read, and support the lovely women behind them. (why is it that all my blogger friends are girls? come on guys … every now and then I’m sure you have something interesting to say too. Well, maybe.)

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So, there you have it. Stay tuned for more over-sharing and shameless self promotion!

* If you’re visiting to collect your award, here’s a recap of what to do now:

  1. Thank the person who gave you the award by linking back to them in your post
  2. Tell us seven things about yourself
  3. Award a few recently discovered bloggers
  4. Contact those bloggers and let them in on the exciting news!

2 Replies to “I’d Like to Thank the Academy …”

  1. Who the hell eats honeydew? So vile. Even the name is bizarre.

    The poor, poor Bills. I wouldn’t blame you for moving your loyalty entirely. They’re just sad. 🙂 (JETS, baby)

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