The Fabulous, Inappropriate Dress

Last summer, I decided to splurge on a dress. Not just any dress, but this dress, as worn by Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker) in Sex and the City 2.

Really, I look this good in it too! Laura and Carrie, style sisters. Duh.

This dress is absolutely gorgeous. And I have nowhere to wear it.

Since its purchase, the dress has been wrapped in tissue paper, in its original box in my closet. I look at it regularly and long for a time, place and opportunity to go out and look fabulous in this dress. Sadly, those days appear to be more or less over (not my decision, just the way things have turned out).

My recent trip to Las Vegas provided the perfect opportunity to bring out the dress. Vegas! Of COURSE I can wear the dress out in Vegas! What dress can’t you wear out in Vegas?? I told my girlfriend who was with me how excited I was to wear the dress for the first time, and she scolded me for not wearing it yet. “What are you waiting for? Wear it out to dinner! Out for drinks! For no reason at all!”.

She’s absolutely right. What AM I waiting for??

I wore it out that night in Vegas and loved every minute in it. Now, as I wait to pick up the dress from the dry cleaners, I am thinking of where to wear it next. Sure, I may be the only person at this occasion not wearing flip-flops and shorts, but I will be wearing a gorgeous dress that makes me feel good. That will be all that matters. I have no doubt that there will be people who will stare at me and judge — but clearly, it will be because they are jealous of my fabulousness.

So when you see me wandering around town — be it at a bar, restaurant, or even in Target — looking ridiculously inappropriate in my beautiful white Halston Heritage dress, don’t ask “Why?”. Say, “Why the hell not?????”

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  1. Absolutely WHY NOT! Wear that thing everywhere you possibly can. Live, live, live. . .especially since the world did not end, as predicted.

    Love that dress. Green with envy.

    All best,

  2. Wear it a lot in DC! This place needs more women wearing fabulous dreses 🙂 maybe you’ll start a trend and we’ll finally get some style!

  3. That dress is AWESOME, and yes, I’d wear it anywhere. To brunch. Out shopping. Anywhere! Dress it up OR down with some cute strappy flats. Yay for dresses that make you feel good!

  4. That just made my day!!! I need to adopt the ‘why the hell not’ attitude a little more in my life!!! Enjoy the hell out of that fabulous dress 🙂

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