Spring Cleaning

Every two weeks, our house cleaning service comes over and spends about an hour vacuuming, dusting and scrubbing our mess of an apartment. I know that this service is somewhat of a luxury, but given our lack of free time I think it is money well spent. Besides, who wants to scrub toilets?

One of the universal truths of investing in a cleaning service (at least based on my informal survey of people I know who use them) is that their cleaning will never be up to the high standards we set for ourselves. Things are always moved and not in exactly the right place … areas of the house are missed … the dusting is lazy and just around things, etc. As particular as I am, I have managed to overlook these little annoyances because at the end of the day, someone else is cleaning the house!

Last week, I redeemed a Groupon voucher that I had purchased for professional carpet cleaning. With two cats, messy eaters and someone who manages to spill everything on the floor (yes, that would be me), the carpet was a little worse for the wear. And I have to say, what an AMAZING difference it made. It looked like new! It sparkled!

It gave me the spring cleaning fever, an illness for which there is only one cure: to clean like a crazy person.

Oh and I did — even though our cleaning service was scheduled to visit the next day. Yes, I became one of those people who clean from top to bottom before their cleaning appointment.

I dusted. Used the magic eraser on every wall. Cleaned and re-organized every drawer and cabinet. I went nuts — no room was safe. I rearranged my closet, summer clothes replaced winter clothes, and I filled bag after bag with Goodwill giveaways. The electronics were wiped down, couches vacuumed … I even ironed a tablecloth. Who am I?????

With my husband out of town, I stayed up entirely too late working on this spring cleaning project. But the place looked great, and the next day the cleaners took care of the bathrooms and the kitchen and even — dare I say — seemed to put in a little extra effort to touch up the areas that I missed.

It’s amazing how something as silly as a clean home can recharge my batteries and reset my attitude. Spring is here! Bring it on!

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  1. When you come home to visit, can you stop at my place and help me spring clean too? 🙂 Sounds like a very, very productive day.

  2. Hi Laura,

    Must have been something in the air! I did the same thing last week. I’m exhausted but feel great about how the house looks.


  3. when you clean by yourself the result is better, yes. BUT i desperately want a cleaning service too. unfortunately my husband doesn’t agree with me. MAYBE is it because he doesn’t even know we have a vacuum cleaner in our house?!?!…

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