Oh, karma. What have I done to deserve this? After a few years of utter nonsense, I thought it was payback time — time for life to be wonderful and to treat me oh so well. Then, you send me this:

The view from my bedroom window. Each of those men has a hammer, or a drill, or a drum of some variety THAT THEY USE ALL DAY LONG

That’s right – construction. Right outside my apartment. Beginning at 7 a.m. sharp each and every morning (except Sunday). What happened to my restful lie-ins? Peace and quiet? Oh no, it looks like it will be a YEAR before I will sleep past 7:01 a.m. in my own bed.

We have lived in this apartment for nearly two years. It was a brand new building when we moved in, with occupancy below 50 percent. I love our apartment — we have no plans to leave until we buy a house (and given that this is the Washington, D.C. area, it will likely take us 20 years to save up the down payment).

Two years ago, there were nasty old two-story apartments across the way that were in the process of being torn down. I clearly recall the promise from building management that the area was going to be turned into a park! How lovely! I think we even had a little bit extra tacked on to our exorbitant rent for our “park view”.

Clearly, that was all a lie. And now with the constant hammering, drilling, shouting and yelling, I am about to lose my mind (remember, I work from home now). It is taking everything in my power not to run out there and scream at them to SHUT THE F&#% UP!!!!

I am hoping that the exterior of the building is up quickly so they will focus on the interior, which will result in a lot less noise. In the meantime, welcome to my VERY LOUD life.









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  1. Oh boy! What a view! It is not only the noise you will have to deal with, but the dust and dirt flying around as well. Wait until you see your car and your windows. That really sucks, Laura. Try to keep your chin up. 🙂

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