Hi! Remember me? I hope so, because it’s been a ridiculously long time since I’ve posted. Oooof.

Honestly, I’m a bit embarrassed. What happened to my goal to write several times a week? I am sure that it comes as no surprise that I still have a LOT to say and comment on, so why aren’t I taking a few minutes each day/week to write a little?

The word “Accountability” popped into my head while I was pondering this. As I am putting my family and my new business venture first, I’ve forgotten to be accountable to myself. So while client deadlines are met, projects are won, dinner is cooked and finances are managed … it seems that I forgot to focus on the LIFE in my new work-life balance.

I am happy to report that after posting “Time to Reboot and Restructure“, I actually have gotten my shit together. I’m back to being the organized, anal type-A person you know and love. I don’t feel like I’m falling apart, losing my mind or messing things up anymore. I do have a schedule and some structure and it’s working out pretty well. (I also finally received payment from my first client invoice – woohoo!!). But at the end of the day I’m still busy as hell – and it’s all my fault.

So once again, a reminder to myself to stop and smell the roses (and write about it, taking a photograph or two). I’ll get there … but it’s harder than I thought!!!!!


2 Replies to “Accountability”

  1. It IS harder than we thought, those of us who decided blogging was a worthy venture. I’m glad you’re still enjoying your new relationship to work – and life.

    Be well and stay happy,

  2. Laura:
    This is all a new thing for you. Take time and you will find your balance. Try not to be so hard on yourself. Everything will come together in time. You are doing great!!


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