I thought I would share my “reboot and restructure” adventures to let you know how it went. Honestly, results were mixed — as I am sure you can tell, as this is the first time I have posted in a week! Yikes! But I am more on track this week than I was last week, and that is progress. I will take it.

Friday: Day 1 of cleansing actually begins with a dental appointment. I guess it’s only appropriate to have clean, polished teeth when starting over. No cavities! Yay!

Back to work then, consuming juices and green tea throughout the day. Given the pounding headache I have, I’m guessing that last night’s dinner of pasta, bread and wine probably wasn’t the best idea.

With a day of work calls and deadlines, I end up working until 8:30 p.m. But as I’m taking off most of Monday as a personal day, I am fine with it. Funemployment rules!

Although I manage to get into bed around 9 p.m. or so, I’m up until nearly midnight reading old issues of Entertainment Weekly. The magazine pile shrinks – hooray! progress!

Saturday: As much as I was hoping for a long, sound night’s sleep, it didn’t really work out that way. I am convinced that the cats are trying to forcibly remove me from the bed while I sleep, and do everything in their powers to make me as uncomfortable as possible. Not only that, but then decide to start screaming at 7 a.m. I am awake.

I still have a bit of a headache but it’s not as bad. Yay, juices. I vow that today I won’t do any work-work and instead do the personal work, so I feel a bit more organized come Monday. I start by paying bills, but end up booking an upcoming trip to Las Vegas for a friend’s 40th birthday. FOCUS! FOCUS!

For whatever reason, today I decide to do something that I haven’t done in months – weigh myself. I figure now is the best time to determine the reality of my situation, and figure out what to do next. Surprisingly, the number is well within my “happy weight” range. This brings up two emotions: yay, I haven’t gained a lot of weight! And boo, I’m still flabby, therefore I’m going to have to exercise to slim down (hard) as opposed to just watching what I eat (easy).

Sunday: The pounding headache is back, and I begin to wonder if it’s food- or caffeine-related. I am a tea vs. a coffee drinker and usually have two cups a day – however, when I say “cups” I mean “gigantic mugs the size of my head”. As I get to eat real food again on Monday, by Tuesday I should know the answer.

My body is feeling the effects of a Detox Yoga class that I took yesterday. It was a two-hour intensive workout that was a bit beyond my ability. In other words, it kicked my ass, but in a good way. Of course today, I can’t raise my arms up above my shoulders.

Today is the last day of the cleanse, and unlike the times I did cleanses in the past, this time I was hungry all the time. I mean, I am fantasizing about celery. Who does that???

Since I will be taking Monday as a personal day (which I can do, because I’m the boss), I put in a few hours of work to be sure all outstanding items are on my clients’ plates as of Monday morning. It’s amazing how different it feels to work on the weekends when you’re getting paid by the hour!!

Monday: Happy food day!!!!! As I was unwilling to leave the house on Sunday, the refrigerator lacks the food that I need to break the cleanse. Or any food whatsoever, really. Off to Whole Foods I go, and enjoy some cantaloupe as I run errands around town, with a banana purchased to enjoy later. I am ridiculously productive today, which of course makes this type-A girl very happy.

But it’s time for the real treat: a massage. Aaaaaaahhhhhhh. Finally, I will get rid of the residual stress that is lingering in my neck, shoulders and back. I tell my massage therapist to abuse me. She does. It’s awesome. I make plans to move in.

After my de-stressing and beautification, off to Whole Foods (again) to stock up on food for the week. My purchases are all so ridiculously healthy that I disgust myself.

Anyone who is familiar with Blueprint Cleanse knows that you drink the five juices for one reason – to get to the sixth (and the day’s final) juice: the cashew nut milk. Heaven. I found a recipe online that is as close as you can get to the real thing, so I make a batch for “dessert” for the next few days.

Is it wrong that I want a glass of wine? No, I didn’t have one. But I thought about it.

Tuesday: I am exhausted. Absolutely, completely, totally exhausted. I don’t know if it’s because of daylight savings time, the cleanse, or no reason whatsoever but getting out of bed is next to impossible. However, my headache is gone, so hooray! I am not addicted to caffeine. I celebrate with some green tea.

I stick to fruit for breakfast, but bring out the peanut butter to go with my apple. I contemplate eating the entire jar of peanut butter with a spoon, but (reluctantly) decide against it. Dinner and lunch continue my ridiculously (disgustingly) healthy eating trend – a great big salad for lunch, a baked sweet potato with roasted veggies for dinner. Yummy.

Is it wrong that I want a glass of wine? No, I didn’t have one. But I thought about it.

Wednesday: Although I didn’t sleep well last night, I get up much easier this morning, headache free and raring to go. I have fantasized about cereal since last night (seriously, who does that?) so although I had planned on fruit for breakfast again, I go for the bowl of cereal instead, with rice milk and topped with raspberries. Yum. Cereal rules.

I am rather annoyed at myself for not working out since Saturday’s detox yoga class, but Wednesday night is my swimming night so off to the pool I go for my intermediate adult swimming class. It’s breast stroke night! As I do a few laps, I realize that I am a better swimmer than I give myself credit for — I just need to practice. Regularly. Riiiiiight.

Thursday: Happy St. Patrick’s Day! I’m up early and immediately put on my workout clothes – I figure if I have them on, I’ll work out at some point. Today is supposed to be gorgeous, so maybe even a walk. I manage to turn down a few invites for day drinking and NCAA watching – granted, I had a few work calls that interfered with some of the plans, but beyond those, I want to get through a bunch of work before the weekend.

But then, disaster strikes. I spill a huge glass of water all over the table, soaking all kinds of work papers among other items. I quickly clear the table and try to sop up the mess. Everything is soaked, including me (although the laptop was luckily spared). I spread out papers all over the apartment to dry.

Screw working out. It’s time for a drink. I guess this officially represents the end of my cleanse. Back to the sweatpants!

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  1. Hi Laura,

    It sounds like a great state of affairs you’re in: “(f)unemployment.” And, seriously, the sweet potato and roasted veggies made my mouth water! I know what’s on MY menu for tonight. (My poor carnivore hubby will just have to deal – or sneak out for some white-trash fast food!)

    All best,

  2. Imagine my happiness today when I saw you had posted another blog! 😉
    Wow, more power to you with your cleanse! Sounds brutal.
    And, sweatpants are a staple in my home.. the second I get home from work, they are on! (Is it bad that I also then sleep in them?)

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