Adventures of a Vegan Model

As some of you are aware, I have an amazing publicist: me! Every now and then, I put the old PR skills to work on my own behalf (as opposed to a client’s) and pitch a reporter or editor my (obviously) fascinating life stories. A few years ago, I appeared in Real Simple magazine discussing how I got back on the workout wagon (clearly, a success story if there ever was one). This weekend, I traveled to California for a photo shoot for an article in a national magazine about people who made the change to a vegetarian or vegan diet.

The reporter interviewed me twice by phone, and we exchanged multiple emails covering this topic. I never hid the fact that the reason I changed my diet really had nothing to do with ethical or medical leanings (although I felt extremely guilty when the shoot stylist called me to ask if I opposed wearing leather. Um …). Four additional people will appear in the article discussing their own personal stories about why they no longer eat meat/animal products.

From the reporter’s line of questions, I figured that I may be the only “urban-dwelling” subject, an inkling that was somewhat confirmed when I saw the photo shoot call sheet. Five “portraits” will appear along side of the article, each one featuring one of the interviewees. My interpretation of the photo shoot schedule:

Person 1: feeding the horses some carrots! Yay, animals!

Person 2: frolicking in the garden! Yay, dirt!

Person 3: bringing a basket filled with veggies into the house! Yay, nature!

Person 4: hard at work in the kitchen, preparing a veggie feast! Yay, cooking!

Person 5 (me): sitting on the front porch, not a fruit or vegetable in sight, apparently waiting for my take-out delivery person to arrive. Yay, lazy, wine drinking fool!

I find it hilarious that there were no plans to photograph this particular vegan with any vegetables or nature-oriented props. Of course I had to open my big mouth at the shoot and wouldn’t you know, the photographer decided to add a some “props” into a few pictures. Fingers crossed that the picture(s) that ultimately appears in the publications are those without – and that the photo editors are BIG fans of Photoshop.

Anyway, the trip to California was a blast, and I enjoyed the time that I spent with some amazing women with incredibly interesting lives and perspectives. It’s back to the grind for now – launching a supermodel’s career is hard work!

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  1. Laura,

    This is a hysterical look at your latest adventures. (Humor may be your “forte.”) Thanks so much for posting it: Yay Urban Vegan waiting for delivery food!

    All best,

  2. How about Yay! REAL woman making a difficult dietary/lifestyle choice work in REAL life! The only props you needed were a glass of wine and a cell phone! 🙂 (Nice work … tell us when & where this will appear!)

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