That Back-to-School Feeling

When I was growing up outside of Buffalo NY, the first day of school was the Wednesday after Labor Day. Unlike here in D.C., early September in Buffalo always had a bite in the air to let you know that autumn (and before long, snow) was right around the corner. I mean this in the best possible way – I can still smell the crisp air, feel the cool breeze, hear the first fallen leaves crackling under my shoes, and sense the excitement over the upcoming Buffalo Bills season.

Something about back-to-school time – even 15 years after I started my last academic year – fills me with a sense of renewal.  When I was younger, this came in the form of new school supplies, new clothes, a new attitude and outlook on what the year ahead would bring. While I don’t have the same luxury of stocking up on new goodies thanks to mom and dad’s bank account, there is still something about this time of year that makes me want to embrace a fresh outlook and take advantage of the new opportunities ahead.

There is something I find comforting about getting back to a more consistent routine once the D.C. humidity finally breaks and the stress of keeping a perfect pedicure is eliminated. Knowing that Sundays are devoted to football, the random summer traveling and activities wind down, and holiday planning is set to begin resets my clock and puts be back on track.

For me personally, I am very excited about a photography course I signed up for in October to once again to explore my creative side. Trying to schedule a regular exercise schedule is always a challenge, but perhaps I can find some life left in those old running shoes now that the temperature is dropping. Saturday priorities revolve around reviewing fantasy football picks – an activity that I truly enjoy (and team Fangbangers is clearly going to dominate this year!!). And cooler temperatures mean more (veggie) soups and stews simmering on the stove – as well as a wintertime favorite (that we usually begin to enjoy in the fall), mulled wine.

It’s no wonder that autumn is my favorite season of the year. Bring on the boots and the jeans, the sweaters and the hats. I’m ready!

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